‘The Time Machine’ is a multi-screen, high-performance, generative video art installation based around multiple low cost computer platforms. Using algorithmic selection of palindromic loops of timelapse video the work contrasts the external, machine perception of time with our internal, phenomenological experience of it. The video feeds, recorded from around the world, tick and tock backward and forward creating a polyrhythmic, 12 screen time-piece. The images loop back and forth on each screen of the installation, creating a large polyrhythmic clock of high definition, full colour motion. Each screen detailing a passage of time from around the world, captured, frozen, forward and reverse. The time-lapse loops slowly switch, selected from over a thousand separate pieces by generative algorithms on each host computer. Creating a Time Machine reflecting the world, gently rocking back and forth with a myriad of sub-cadences, confronting the viewer with the unanswerable challenge of comprehending time.

Generative Video
The work uses looping time-lapse video shot in locations around the world to engage the viewer with a discussion on the experience, rhythm, repetition and flow of time. Running across multiple monitor screens the installation senses the audience and in response creates palindromic video loops from high resolution time-lapse video. The video feeds, recorded from around the world, tick and tock backward and forward creating a polyrhythmic, multi-screen time-piece, a video-clock locked in receptive, slowly evolving loops. A Time Machine reflecting the world. The backward and forth looping of the video feeds engage the viewer with both the re-assurance and the discomfort of seeing the world as ‘clock-time’. The mechanistic vision that time is something created and measured, governed and ruled externally to ourselves and external to our experience.

By Dr. Daniel Buzzo

Buzzo, D. (2017) The Time Machine: A multiscreen generative video artwork. In: ARTECH2017: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Digital Arts, Macau, China, 6-8 September 201. New York: ACM, pp. 199-203 Available from: http://eprints.uwe.ac.uk/33283

read the full paper here http://eprints.uwe.ac.uk/33283/


The Time Machine, 12 screen generative video installation, at VolksHotel, Amsterdam July 2018 from Daniel Buzzo on Vimeo.