The Creative Technologies Lab at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol is based in the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies. UWE has a long history of research in the Creative Technology and Digital Media field with many recent projects and publications nationally and internationally. The Lab carries out applied and theoretical research in a number of areas related to contemporary technology.

The Research group is organised around three themes;

Graphics, Visualisation and Games

Creating and applying novel graphical processing algorithms to enhance visual imagery and to create virtual environments. A key focus of this theme is serious games and immersive realities (VR, AR and MR), leveraging the efficiencies of games technologies to develop interactive visualisations for scientific and artistic contexts.

Media Interaction and Digital Art

Focussing centrally on artistic and human factors, this theme blends technology and the social sciences to explore user-centred approaches to interaction design and aesthetics. Adopting rigorous design and evaluation methods to create novel and interactive systems with impact, the CT Lab produces innovative interactive technology and art that has appeared at premier cultural venues throughout the world.

Music and Audio

Combining traditional and experimental compositional approaches this theme explores the role of cutting-edge technology in the support of music composition and performance. A key focus of this research is the use of generative and artificial intelligence for developing of novel interfaces and algorithms for musical expression and immersion.

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