Members and associates

Current members of the Creative Technology Research Lab include;

Dr Zlatko Baracskai

Senior Lecturer

Dr Tom Bashford-Rogers

Senior Lecturer in Games Technology

Dr Sean Butler

Senior Lecturer Games Technology

Dr Daniel Buzzo

Senior Lecturer, Program leader Creative Technology MSc

Dr Simon Emberton

Senior Lecturer

Dr Benedict Gastor

Associate Professor in Physcial Computing

Mr Andy King

Associate Professor - Technology & Innovation

Dr Tom Mitchell

Associate Professor - Creative Technologies

Dr Chris Nash

Senior Lecturer : Music Technology

Dr Mark Palmer

Senior Lecturer

Dr Liz Lane

Senior Lecturer in Music Technology - Composition and Performance

Dr Mic Palmer

Senior Lecturer, Program Leader Digital Media BSc

Mr Luke Reed

Lecturer - Audio & Music Technology

Dr Simon Scarle

Program Leader for MSc Commercial Games Development

Mr Lloyd Savickas

Programme Leader Games Technology

Research students

Mr Dom Brown

Phd Student in Gestural Interaction and Music

Mr Alex Jones

Research student

Mr Harri Renney

Research student

Mr Samuel Hunt

Graduate Tutor/PhD Student in Generative Music and interaction

Mr Nathan Renney

Computer Science Graduate Tutor